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Pre-season Grounds 2018


Some important information regarding training grounds generally, and in particular at Rawson.



At various times, parts of our grounds will be roped off, either because there is a danger (e.g. exposed sprinkler heads, uneven surfaces), or the ground is being protected to enable regrowth (e.g. cricket pitch areas). Please respect these spaces and train away from them. It can be difficult, but the alternative is we either hurt one of our own or we cause longer-term damage to the ground.



In addition to the money Council spends at Rawson, we as a club, along with the senior club, contribute extra funds to enable Rawson to be further maintained and improved, especially for match days. To optimise this, we need to be smart about how we train on the ground.


To assist, Council has agreed to mark training grids on the four corners of the ground, away from the playing surface (see attached map). The grids are 15m x 15m, with 5m boxes, which enables all sorts of training combinations for scrums, lineouts and high-intensity drills. Please use these space for ALL high-intensity drills. That includes scrums, lineouts, tackling drills and grid work. The main ground should only be used for team runs, backs structures and match simulations.



We usually have others using the ground after our bookings, so it is important we finish on time, and are packed away in time for others to start their sessions on time.


Fortunately, after our booking at Rawson finishes at 7pm on a Wednesday, the senior club follows us, so that provides us with some flexibility should we wish to train longer than our scheduled 7pm finish. HOWEVER, it is important we have the western side (i.e. the Whalehouse side) cleared by 7pm so that they can commence on time. If we need to go overtime, we need to use the grids or the ground on the eastern side. If, for whatever reason, the seniors also need the space on the eastern side after 7pm, please pack up promptly.


Training Schedule April 2018

As at 28/03/2018
Age Group/TimeGIRLS Touch (Priority)
Coach/Skills development
Women’s touch (18:00)
U14s – 18:00-19:30
U15s – 18:00-19:30
U12s – 17:30-19:00Girl’s Tackle7s (17:00)
U13s (18:00-19:00)
Balmoral West17:00-19:0017:00-19:00
Age Group/TimeN/AU10s (17:30-18:45)Minis (U6s-U9s)
U6s – 17:00-17:30
U7/8/9 – 17:30-18:30
Balmoral East17:00-19:0017:00-19:00
Age Group/TimeN/AN/AU11sMinis (U6s-U9s)
U6s – 17:00-17:30
U7/8/9 – 17:30-18:30