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Codes of Conduct & Forms

Codes of Conduct & Forms

The conduct of players, officials and parents is vital to the success of rugby union at every level. Below are the standards that we hold ourselves accountable to at Mosman Junior Rugby Club.

Please take the time to read these guidelines yourself and discuss them with your child as they grow with the Club.


Endorsement – Nick Farr­Jones (Former Wallaby Captain & Proud Parent);

“As a player I was very fortunate to play a game I loved, that took me around the world and most importantly has left me with great memories and lifelong friends. My involvement in the game is now largely limited to looking on from the side lines which provides a different perspective. I enjoy watching international rugby but arguably even more enjoy watching and encouraging young players who are starting out in the sport like my two boys.

In my view there is only one thing more annoying than a bad sport on the field – and that’s a bad sport off the field. Enjoy the game and the contest and win, lose or draw let the participants know they have your support.

Encourage good sportsmanship and tell the youngsters new to rugby that mateship is not only restricted to your team mates but can and should be with your opponents also.

Parents have a huge responsibility in particular to set our children on a right path to good sportsmanship and I urge you to do the right thing and ensure those around you are like minded.”