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A View from the Touchline


A View from the Touchline

with Nick Bousie (Director of Coaching)

Hello all, below is a very brief overview of what is happening throughout all our Minis.

Under 6

All new to coaching and all new to the game makes for some hilarious rugby. Our new coaches are doing a terrific job co-ordinating the 6’s every week. It has been noted by many parents and coaches that the biggest challenge is getting them to run in the right direction, pass in the right direction, place the ball on the correct line and lastly to listen. This is Grassroots rugby at its best! The kids and the coaches are doing a terrific job, and most kids have experienced the sheer exhilaration of scoring their first try. We have a long way to go, but we know they will get there. Great Job “Under 6’s.”

Under 7

Not so new to Rugby, well some are, but still very funny to watch. I have seen a big difference in the kid’s skills over the past 5-6 weeks. The coaches are all working really hard to develop the skills of all players. Our sessions are being run really well, unless its windy and all the crazy behaviours come out. This is a massive challenge given the varying abilities in each team. The club is addressing the best way forward with this, so ALL kids are given the best possible opportunity to develop their rugby. Great work to all coaches. Games are being played at training to give the coaches a chance to develop each child’s game awareness.

Under 8

It all gets very footy like in the Under 8’s because they are now not only on a bigger field but they are now tackling. Well in some cases almost tackling. All teams are working really hard on all areas of this “new game” and are coming along very well. I will be moving through all teams to watch and advise the coaches with their teams over the coming weeks. All teams have experienced some great results over the past 5 weeks. The results sent to me have indicated that they have scored over 125 tries across 5 teams. Not to mention the amount of tackles and cleanouts. All in all, our mighty U8’s are tracking well for a great season.

Under 9

The U9’s have started the year with some amazing results against some strong teams in the competition. A couple of our teams have been convincingly beaten. However, we are not far off. We have had many wins, but more importantly it is being reported that the kids are developing their physical game and seeing the benefits of all the work required. The most important part of this is that the kids have something to aim for during every session. Thanks to all the coaches, you are doing a fine job in preparing these kids for Junior rugby in 2021. It is very disappointing that we are not able to represent the club in the Gala days program this year, but plans are afoot to do something at the end of the season.

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